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The following terms and conditions of use regulate the access to this website and its use. We advise you to read these conditions carefully before accessing this site considering that the access and the use presume the acceptance of such terms and conditions on behalf of the user and possible further modifications. Arcadia s.r.l. reserves the right to change and/or update without notice the conditions of use for this site therefore it is in the best interest of the user to verify periodically the content of these terms. In case that the user does NOT accept the conditions of use of this site, he will NOTbe authorized to access nor to use the website: therefore the use of the site Dondupville.com implies the acceptance of the present general terms and conditions of use.

1. Access

Arcadia s.r.l. reserves the right to limit, refuse or interrupt partially or completely the access to the site or part of the site, to any user.

2. Information on protection of your privacy

The use of personal information gathered through this site or in connection to this site, is done exclusively in respect of the norms dictaded by the Italian legislation decree n.196/2003. The section on Privacy Policy, which users are supposed to read, describes in details the regulations regarding the processing and protection of personal information.

3. Links

Dondupville.com may contain links to other sites. Arcadia s.r.l. may not be, in any way, responsible, for any reason, cause or title, of the contents of such sites, advertisments, products or other material and services available through such links or resources. Arcadia s.r.l. is not responsible of possible violations of current regulations contained in such sites. Arcadia s.r.l. provides links to other sites for the only purpose to make easier the information research about its users.

4. Colours

It’s not possible to guarantee that colours seen on the website are reproduced exactly and match those of the items available in stores, this fact depends on the monitor and personal computer of the user.

5. Copyright

Arcadia s.r.l. is the exclusive owner of logos and registered trademarks Dondup® and of any other sign which includes the word and name of the domain. The illegitimate and/or not authorized use of such trademarks implies serious legal consequences.

6. Intellectual property rights

All the information (including, but not limited to, works, images, photos, dialogues, music, sounds, video, documents, drawings, figures and logos) and any other material published in the present website by Dondup® in any form, are protected by author’s rights and any other rights regarding intellectual property by Arcadia s.r.l. It is therefore explicitly prohibited for any reason or scope the reproduction, distribution, publication, transmission, modification and sales of the information, images, photographs, trademarks and all of the elements and contents available through this website that are and remain property of Arcadia s.r.l. Users are authorized to download or copy information, images, photographs, trademarks, products in general and content found in this site for strictly personal and non commercial use. Illegitimate or not authorized use of such trademarks implies serious legal consequences and Arcadia s.r.l. reserves (where appropriate) the right to suspend or interrupt access to users that violate such author’s or intellectual property’s rights and eventually to press charges.

7. Jurisdictione

Use and access to the website are determined by the current italian regulations. Possible controversies regarding the present terms and conditions, their interpretation, use, validity or existence, are exclusive competence of Urbino jurisdiction.

8. Community

Arcadia s.r.l. offers to registered users a series of services and functions that allow them to join the virtual Community with the target of sharing their experiences about clothing or any other information that they would like to communicate. This Community services include to this day a series of functions, like those of a social network, restricted to its members and articulated as follows:

- My profile: where personal information and photo are placed;
- my public profile:the page with personal information visible by all other members of the Community;

9. User's content

Referring to Community services and Social Network functions, Arcadia s.r.l. confides in the sense of civility of its participants, able to self regulate their behavior; Users are the only responsible for any information given and any communications, as like messages’ content or form. Users guarantee that all contents in their profile will not contain illegal or inadequate elements for publication (including, but not limited to, offensive or slanderous content towards people, entities or organizations, that violate people rights, pornographic, obscene, offensive, vulgar, indecent or intimidating contents, anything that may suggest illegal activity, etc.)
Arcadia s.r.l. does not have the possibility of verifying and will not take a stance regarding opinions, affirmations or comments expressed in the Service common areas. Users participating and posting content on the site will be responsible for their contents and Arcadia s.r.l. precludes any personal evaluation or sharing. Arcadia s.r.l. reserves the possibility of exerting any type of control over contents and therefore reserves the right to modify or remove any information, comment or material published through his service without previous notice, in case of a third party rights violation or an illegitimate content. In any case Arcadia s.r.l. declines any responsibility regarding any content introduced on the site by its users.
Chain letters, pyramidal scheme or multilevel initiatives, are not compatible with our Social Network nature. Anyone finding this kind of messages is invited to contact us immediately through electronic mail at supporto@dundopville.com - Arcadia s.r.l. assumes the faculty and the right to reveal the users identity (and any other information possessed, retrieved through the subscription to the Service, according to national and E.U. laws on privacy) in case of legal action or pressed charges deriving from a message shared by users. Furthermore users commit not to involve Arcadia s.r.l. in any claims or demands on third parties and relative legal consequences - for example, payment for legal advice or sums for indemnity - that may result from the service access and/or their incorrect use according to the present terms and conditions and currently inherent laws. Users declare and agree that all contents they upload to the Website do not violate any property rights, third parties included, including but not limited to, copyright laws, registered trademarks, patents or confidentially agreements. Arcadia s.r.l. reserves the right to interrupt, modify, suspend or cancel at any moment, all or part of the Community Services provided, or limit the space available to users. Therefore at any moment all material uploaded to the spaces available could be made unavailable or deleted at Arcadia s.r.l unquestionable judgement. No controversies are accepted. Where possible (excluding cases of violation of the current terms and conditions of use, circumstances beyond one's control or haphazard) users will be informed about the interruption, suspension or termination of one or more of these Services. Users will do his best, within reasonable limits, to find and remove possible viruses or other harmful elements in their sent messages. Furthermore users pledge not to destroy, modify, alter or interfere with software components, hardware and/or servers through and with Website and Community Services are provided. Some of Site and Community contents are rights protected by the author Arcadia s.r.l. and/or third parties, made available in limited form for personal use; every user commits to respect such author rights and intellectual property rights reserved by Arcadia s.r.l. and/or third parties; the user commits to avoid any commercial use or other uses of rights protected content made available through the Community services and Website unless previous and explicit authorization of Arcadia s.r.l. Users recognize and accept that all contents published by themselves through the Website (messages, comments, ideas, etc.), may be used by any other user without compensation or recognition.

10. Registration

The use of even only one of the above mentioned Services is subordinated to previous free registration to the Site on behalf of the user, who received an username and a password.
Registration is NOT allowed to users under the age of 14. It is forbidden to such users to give information about their personal data and the Website and its Services use; no information provided by these users will be used or kept.
Users between 14 and 18 years old will need parental or guardian approval to join.
Registration required some information (name, surname, address-place of residence, gender, birth date and place, e-mail address, telephone) that will be treated according to Privacy Policy regulations that you may find in the Privacy Policy section: the information given by the user should be truthful, correct and updated at once in case of changes. The presence of identical usernames and email addresses is not allowed; if the name or email address given have already been taken, the user will be invited to choose otherwise. Users commit to diligently preserve chosen username and password used for registration, aware that communication of such information to third parties or their use by third parties is not allowed and implies user responsibility for their use by others. In such case Arcadia s.r.l. reserves the right to suspend or interrupt the service access.
Attendance to Community Services and Social Network functions implies the possibility that the identity of users, as indicated during registration, could be made available to other Community Services users through contents and messages published and referred to the user, even long after their publication, traced by search engines.

11. Information changes or removal on the user's behalf

Users may, at any moment, modify or remove information in their profile, accessing their profile page and clicking on “Change my profile”. Information and contents will be updated immediately.

12. Protection measures about information given by users

Information regarding users’ account are stored in a firewall protected Server.

13. Use of contents given by users

Arcadia s.r.l. reserves the right to use freely and for any purpose and furthermore to modify, revise, transfer, adapt, translate, etc. all Site and Community contents given by users, without liability but with full faculty of mentioning the user and author of the content.

14. Changes form Arcadia s.r.l behalf

Arcadia s.r.l. reserves the right, without assuming liability, to revise, modify, adapt, move or delete any uploaded content available through the Community Services or within publication areas at his own discretion and without previous notice to anyone.

15. User's photos

Users will have the possiblity to upload a personal photo, this should be done with users awareness and current laws respect in terms of intellectual property rights and privacy laws. To upload and publish photos of someone different from the user on the Site, it is necessary that the concerned party is not underage and has expressed its consent.
We invite users to report images that may be in rather bad taste and/or violent and/or against current applicable regulations, available on Dondupville.com Site: Arcadia s.r.l. could apply for their removal once verification has taken place. Arcadia s.r.l. reserves the right to exclude users that violate these rules and regulations.

16. Limitations of responsability

Services above mentioned are provided within the current conditions and rights in which they appear; Arcadia s.r.l., may not therefore be responsible for possible total or partial unavailability of these services, or rather for any other way in which these Services may be rendered. The user resigns, among other things, to bring controversies, demands, questions, actions or requests upon Arcadia s.r.l. regarding the use of these Services. All relationships that may result between users and third parties with regards to Arcadia s.r.l. and/or subjects with whom users may come in contact during the use of these Services, do not regard nor bind Arcadia s.r.l. in any way; users therefore commit not to involve Arcadia s.r.l. in possible demands, controversies, questions, actions, requests, etc. about such matters and about such types of relationships.

17. Invalid clauses

If some of the above terms of use are not valid or not applicable (as a result for example of different and particular current regulations in Countries different from Italy) they will be replaced and applied according others Country’s regulation in order to be as similar as possible to the original regulations contents.

18. Security measures

Arcadia s.r.l. adopted the adequate technical and organization security measures in order to protect contents and services offered through the Website, the data integrity about users, their traffic and electronic communications with the intent to prevent their unauthorized use and prevent spreading, distruction or loss of data and handling. Furthermore to avoid non authorized or illegal access to such data and information.