Dondupville is

Dondupville starts from our will to build a more direct relationship with our brand fans. We strongly believe this is what is needed to establish a close and enduring bond with all our customers based on dialogue and mutual understanding.

We created an exclusive social network, dedicated to you, an always evolving space.

Dondupville is a community where you can find people who love to share passion, wishes and dreams. Dondupville is inspiration, a new way of being, in direct contact with Dondup world.

You can take part of this community using the card code and the garment’s code to create your personal profile and begin to interact with other users and with us.

You’ll have a virtual wardrobe where you may add images of the Dondup items. You will also be able to add to your favorites items in other user’s wardrobes, consider them and comment.

Dondupville team will be here at your service to give you information about the company, the products, problems regarding items, and to support you on your search for items you may desire.

We'are waiting for you in Dondupville!