Information on protection of your privacy

The following information is used exclusively for the site, excludes all other websites reachable to the user through links.

This privacy policy has been written based on the italian legislation n.196/2003 and on the European Union recommendations regarding minimum requirements for the gathering of data online, adopted by the Group for the protection of people regarding personal information on May 17 2001. Arcadia s.r.l. reserves the right, without notice needed, to modify and/or update the Privacy Policy of this website, therefore it is in the user’s best interest to verify its contents periodically.

According to article 13 of the Italian legislation n. 196/2003, we provide you the following information:

1. All data from users will be handled for the following purposes: communication of information about events, delivery of gadgets & gifts, commercial offers about services or products managed by Arcadia s.r.l and Dondup.

2. Handling of data will be performed electronically

3. Data entry is mandatory only in the marked fields and to allow the operation requested by the user to be fulfilled. Refusing to enter such information could lead to an unsatisfied request.

4. Personal information won't be shared with other entities nor will they be subject of distribution.

5. Arcadia srl (via Achille Grandi 5/9 61034 Fossombrone - PU) is the holder of this privacy policy.

6. Il responsabile del trattamento è Matteo Anchisi

7. At any given moment users may exercise their rights upon the holder of this privacy policy according to article 7 of the legislative Decree 196/2003, which follows in it’s entirety for your convenience:

Legislative Decree n. 196/2003, Art. 7 - Rights to access personal data and other rights

1. The concerned party has the right to obtain information about the existence of personal data in his regard, even if he’s not yet registered, and about this data communication in a comprehensible way.

2. The concerned party has the right to obtain information regarding:

a) origin of personal data;

b) purpose and use of such data;

c) logic applied when data are handled electronically;

d) information about the owner, accountables and representative as dictated by article 5, 2;

e) subjects or subject's category who have access to personal data, or may come in contact with, as a national assigned representative or as delegates and agents.

3. The concerned party has the right to obtain:

a) updates, verification or, when he needs, the integration of data;

b) cancellation, transformation to anonymity or block of data handled violating the law, including the storage of data that's no longer necessary.

c) a certificate indicating that the operations in paragraphs a) and b) have been communicated to those who come in contact with data, as well as their contents, except when such operation it is not possible or implies the use of means disproportionate means compared to the right being protected.

4. The party concerned has the right to oppose in part or entirely:

a) if legitimate reasons against his personal data use subsist, even if pertinent to the scope of the gathering.

b) to his personal data use in advertising purpose, direct sales or to accomplish market research or commercial communication.